Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
& Two WONDERful Cruises

Shari with nephew Michael in front of Cinderella's coach
Shari & nephew Michael at Cinderella's coach

When I was taken to Disneyland in a stroller the day it opened, no one could have known that it was the beginning of an unconventional lifestyle for me. It would take thousands of pages to recount my Disney experiences since then. This "journal" is about three events that took place over a course of less than three weeks in October and November 2002.

MNSSHP: On October 27th my adult nephew and I attended Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. He was Phantom of the Opera (his "genuine" outfit cost several hundred dollars) and I wore a long black velvety brocade medieval/Gothic number I picked up for $24.95 at WalMart. It shed a lot and had a funny little hat with veil. We were photographed often by passersby and occasionally asked if we were Cast Members.

Shari with Chip in Liberty Tree Tavern during MNSSHP
Shari with Chip at LTT
One of the highlights of the evening was dining at Liberty Tree Tavern. The two of us were escorted to a roomy table for four by a fireplace upstairs. The food (similar to a Thanksgiving dinner) was abundant and delicious. The service was attentive and excellent. The character-love-of-my-life, Chip, spent a reasonable amount of time with me. Never mind that I've never had kids. A good character knows that if childless adults are in the parks, they are there for the Disney experience, of which the characters are the foundation. Of course, Chip did manage to knock that funny hat off my head while hugging me for the photo, but I didn't mind. Awhile later, Minnie Mouse collided with a server, dumping meals to the floor. Watching Minnie apologize to him (without ever actually speaking a word) was very entertaining.

Chip as a ghost in the MNSSHP parade
Chip as ghost
The MNSSHP parade was quite good, but there was a huge crowd. The Headless Horseman rode through prior to the parade (I missed the photo op). Chip, at left, was decked out as a ghost on one of the floats.

My only disappointment of the evening was the "Halloween" riverboat cruise, which turned out to be nothing more than country music (hillbilly country) and storytelling at the front of the boat. Granted, some characters were aboard in country attire, but for anyone not up front with the kids, it was kind of a drag. What was I expecting? Well, maybe a witch or a ghost or two in the trees along the way, instead of riverbanks of total darkness. It was okay, just a bit boring and not at all what we expected. In this case, Disney could have made it far more impressive for all with just a bit more effort. Next time, I'll skip the Halloween riverboat.


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